Politicians Need Longer Arms

There are obviously several factors that help voters decide which candidate they vote for.  One attribute I think needs greater consideration is arm length.  Many of us today bemoan how politics have become too partisan and how little seems to actually get done.  The problem seems to be the inability to reach across the aisle and work with someone of a different party.  Long arms are needed more than ever because the political aisle is now wider than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  I’m old enough to remember when members of Congress, especially on ag committees, would work together to find a compromise solution to issues.  That now seems to be a lost art and the country is paying a steep price for this lack of leadership.  I don’t measure leadership by the number of appearances on late night TV shows or cable news programs.  I measure leadership by accomplishments and the willingness to put country over party.  The recently introduced ag labor reform bill is a good example of what can happen when a bi-partisan approach is used.  Immigration is one of many divisive issues facing our country today.  So far Congress has taken an “all or nothing” approach and very little has been accomplished.  Being unable to do everything should not keep us from doing something.  In other words, fix what you can while you keep working on the rest.  This bill is a step in the right direction to addressing the ag labor crisis that is causing crops to rot in the fields and farming operations to go out of business.  Working with someone of a different political party should not be considered a weakness but rather recognized as a strength.  Reaching across the aisle may not be popular but is certainly needed. More than ever we need leaders with long arms and a willingness to use them.