No Time, No Excuses

When I was in school and given an assignment that wasn’t due for several weeks I would usually wait as long as I could before getting it done. Looking back I realize that probably didn’t result in my best work. I now see Congress doing the same thing. It wasn’t good for me then and its not good for our country now. Little seems to get done by our lawmakers until they absolutely have to. Of course Congress has one advantage I didn’t. They can extend their deadlines. I wish I could have done that. Right now Congress has just a few days left before their Christmas break and several major issues still need attention. The list includes a spending bill, USMCA, tax extenders amd an ag labor reform bill. As if that wasn’t enough the House decided to take up impeachment hearings. Several members of Congress have repeatedly assured us they can do more than one thing at a time but we’ve yet to see it. I have no doubt they can if they want to but I question the want to part. Pushing so many things into such a tight time frame is a recipe for little getting done. USMCA has been done for a year and still it hasn’t been brought for a vote. There has been enough time to address concerns that have been raised. We have been told there are enough votes to pass it if it comes up for a vote. Obviously someone doesn’t want it to. It’s time to see if there are enough votes or not. Hopefully the vote will be soon but it should have been done by now. There is plenty of blame to go around as both parties are guilty of playing politics and blaming the other for the lack of progress. This is no way to handle the business of our nation. Soon we’ll be hearing there just isn’t enough time to get these things done. That’s no excuse. It wasn’t for me in school and it shouldn’t be for those in Congress.