NDSU Little International Feb. 14-15

There is nothing little about Little International on the North Dakota State University campus. Students part of the largest student-led club on campus will come together this year to continue a long-standing NDSU Saddle and Sirlion tradition. With this year’s theme of the 94 Little Internation being “Speaking Our Truth” students expect to do just that. 

The show was started on NDSU’s campus in 1918. The tradition lives on today making it the 94th year of students celebrating animal husbandry. Katie Skalicky the 94th Little Internation Queen says students have about a month to work with their animals in preparation for the show. That short window of time gives students the ability to showcase their work either and husbandry skills for judges 

Students come from all sorts of backgrounds and majors to prepare livestock for show day, cure hams for auction, and prepare a speech for the speech contest. Jayden Leiseth, a 94th Little International Princess says its fun to see students with an array of backgrounds come together on show day to educate and practice animal husbandry.

The show brings tradition, passion, and culture to students. A long-standing tradition in the club is “streamer day”. Amoung the effort put into making their livestock shine for the show is making Shepard Arena shine as well. Students wake up at 4 am on the Wednesday before, to hang as much as 57 miles of steamers from the rafters.

Another long-standing tradition in the club is presenting the Agriculturist of the Year Award. This year, Ray Erbele of Streeter, ND will be honored at the Little I Baquet the night before the show. 

This year NDSU’s Little International will be Feb. 14-15.