Business as usual

I mowed my yard this week. Not only did it need it but I needed it. Walking behind that mower and smelling the freshly cut grass brought a feeling of normalcy I hadn’t felt since the COVID 19 crisis hit the U.S. changing all our lives. At a time when very little seems normal being outside and mowing my yard did. Soon many farmers will have that feeling as they practice social distancing in their tractor cabs planting crops. It remains to be seen how long it will take for total normalcy to return to our lives. The coronavirus is serious and even deadly so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hopefully a cure will be developed soon. Meanwhile we have been reminded of another virus that threatens our country and it has been around for a long time. It’s called the political partisanship virus and it shows no signs of letting up. In their efforts to pass much needed assistance to U.S. citizens and businesses several of our elected officials have shown all the symptoms of Washington fever. Shameless efforts to advance political agendas have once again been put ahead of the good of the country. I had hoped that in this, one of the most serious crisis in our country’s history, our leaders would be able to put politics aside and do the right thing. Unfortunately it has been business as usual in Congress. Why does this keep happening? Some say term limits are the cure. Maybe so. I don’t think all the people we send to Washington go there with bad intentions. It seems the political party leaders are most infected with this virus and those we send to Washington either become infected or are powerless to change anything. The shutdown of our economy due to COVID 19 has created many difficult problems and throwing money at them, even 2 TRILLION dollars won’t fix everything. However it shouldn’t be that hard to focus on the problem and only approve funding that will address the issues at hand. Somehow funding for the Kennedy Center doesn’t strike me as the most effective way to fight the coronavirus. While most of us continue to wait for our lives to return to business as usual it seems it already has in our nation’s capitol.