Politics as Usual

At a time when very little seems to be normal, leave it to our politicians to give us their form of normalcy. They couldn’t wait for this crisis to be over before returning to their normal ways.  Finger-pointing, second-guessing, and grandstanding are in full swing. We may not have any ball games to watch but the political blame game has not been canceled.

This being an election year makes it even worse and both political parties are guilty. It seems the focus in Washington is more about winning the next election than winning the battle with the coronavirus.  Certainly, mistakes have been and continue to be made in dealing with this crisis. That happens when you are dealing with something unlike we have ever dealt with before.  It’s easy now to look back and say things should have been done differently.  Even our medical experts have made mistakes and we continue to hear differing opinions about what we need to do moving forward. Models and projections have been proven to be inaccurate.

Making things even worse is the media’s attempt to push political agendas instead of accurately informing the public. The goal should be to safely reopen our economy not to push political agendas.  Government assistance right now, while certainly needed, should only be for things directly related to COVID 19.  The latest CARES proposal, while providing for some of those areas of need including agriculture, would also spend millions on things unrelated to the crisis.  This is not the time to bail out states who, because of their own mistakes, we’re in a financial crisis before this health crisis even started.

I live in one of those states and I don’t think taxpayers in other states should bail us out nor do I think people in my state should bail out others for similar mistakes in theirs.  Mistakes should be learned from not repeated.  Some of our political leaders seem more focused on what we can’t do than what we can do.  We need to work together to find a way to move forward safely with our lives.  We did not have a zero-risk society before COVID 19 and we won’t have one after.  It’s becoming painfully evident that politics is a greater risk to our lives than any virus and putting a mask over that problem won’t help or make it go away.