China Suspends Chicken Imports

Chinese authorities have suspended imports from Tyson Foods Inc. facilities due to what they say were infections among the workers at a Springdale, Ark. plant. 

China, which is testing imported meat and seafood products for Covid-19, suspended the imports on Sunday, included imports already in China or en route to the country, according to China’s General Administration of customs. 

There remains no scientific evidence Covid-19 is a food-borne illness or likely to spread via food packaging, according to WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA. 

Tyson says they are looking into the reports but is confident  their products are safe.”At Tyson, we’re confident our products are safe and we’re hopeful consultations between the U.S. and Chinese governments will resolve this matter,” a spokesman for the company said.  

Representatives of the Chinese embassy in the U.S. had no immediate response. 

This suspension comes after a new spike of Covid-19 cases flooded in the country in recent weeks.

Arlan Suderman, Chief Economist for INTL FCStone, says “Shutting off shipments from the Tyson plant is one that China is taking as a precautionary measure” Arlan Suderman, Chief Economist for INTL FCStone, says “they still have not produced any data to indicate that Coronavirus can come in on imported meat. They’re simply being cautious about it, it’s another none tariff barrier that they have put up”