Rural America 2020 Campaign Says Trump Policies Hurting Farmers

A new political campaign, Rural America 2020, takes aim at the Trump administration. Founded by a self-described former Trump voter, Ohio farmer Chris Gibbs, the campaign advocates for policies that benefit agriculture and rural America. The group seeks to bring attention to President Donald Trump’s trade war, alleged rural community failures, and provide policy solutions for a stronger rural America. The campaign cites a rise in farm bankruptcies, farm debt and the decline in net farm income. Gibbs says, “Rural communities all across this nation are struggling under this administration.” He adds, “Too often rural America is portrayed with a broad brush as Trump country,” saying Rural American 2020 is a way for rural residents to speak out against the Trump administration. In addition to building community-level coalitions in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, Rural America 2020 will be advertising in key states to highlight farmer’s voices who are critical of the President and his policies.