Shoppers Still Fear Empty Grocery Shelves, Seek Bargains


A recent survey finds grocery shoppers are looking for bargains, and half of consumers fear empty grocery shelves. Marketing agency Acosta says 53 percent of shoppers say product availability is a top priority. The American Farm Bureau Federation last week reported beef and pork supply chains are recovering from the pandemic panic buying. However, the industry needs to work through a backlog of slaughter ready animals. Meanwhile, more than one-third of shoppers are worse off financially than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. The report says low prices will be a priority for 45 percent of shoppers post-pandemic. Acosta CEO Darian Pickett says, “A recession is here and will significantly impact the shopping habits of those affected.” Pickett says product availability remains a concern and shoppers are focusing on health, wellness, and safety more than ever. The survey also shows consumer priorities of social distancing, low prices, customer safety and promotions, and deals on grocery products.