The Fertilizer Institute Applauds Extension of Chemical Facility Safety Measures

The Fertilizer Institute is happy that President Trump and Congress extended the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) for three years. “A long-term extension of the CFATS program is what the fertilizer industry supported and wanted to see,” says TFI President Corey Rosenbusch. “This provides the industry with the ability to properly plan and invest in measures that promote security at our facilities.” The secure and safe handling of fertilizers is the highest priority for the Fertilizer Institute and its members. “The numbers speak for themselves,” Rosenbusch says. “The fertilizer industry is twice as safe as our chemical industry peers. We actively participate in and sponsor numerous safety initiatives.” He says voluntary, industry-driven programs like the ResponsibleAg Program help to enhance compliance by the agricultural retailers with a variety of federal regulations, including those administered by the Department of Homeland Security. “Fertilizers are necessary to grow the crops that feed the world,” Rosenbusch adds. “Half of all food grown in the world today is made possible through the use of fertilizer. We’re committed to ensuring the world has the food, fuel, and fiber it needs, and that fertilizer facilities are secure.”