AFPM Facebook Ads Say RFS Based on Outdated Projections

A Facebook advertisement from the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers claims the Renewable Fuel Standard is based on outdated projections. The ad directs Facebook members to an AFPM webpage critical of the RFS. The webpage is part of an effort to defend small refinery exemptions.

The Facebook ad follows a news release from last week on the topic. AFPM states, “The limiting factor for ethanol consumption is, and has always been, the blend wall — a term signifying the limit to how much ethanol the fuel supply can actually handle, based on fuel and vehicle infrastructure and consumer demand.” The organization claims, “Denying relief to small refineries and making the RFS mandate bigger through volume reallocation will not change the reality of the blend wall, grow the capacity of the fuel supply or inspire more consumers to buy E15 and flex fuels.” Doing so, the organization says, will lead to higher compliance costs and more imports of foreign biodiesel.

NAFB News Service