Canada Also Receiving Unsolicited Seeds

Canadian Agriculture officials warn residents not to plant unsolicited seeds delivered from China, the same seeds sent to the United States. In a statement last week, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has received reports from more than 750 residents who have received unsolicited seeds.

The seeds are likely part of a brushing scam, where scammers send unsolicited products to residents and then write a fake positive review of the product, the same brushing scam in the United States. The CFIA continues to work with the Canada Border Services Agency and Canada Post and its international partners to identify the seed origins and stop the flow of unsolicited seeds into Canada.

The CFIA asks Canadians who receive seeds they did not order to put the seeds in a sealed bag and send them to a regional CFIA office, while also refrain from planting, flushing or composting the seeds to prevent spreading.

NAFB News Service