EPA, USDA Announce Competition to Advance Agricultural Sustainability

The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency this week launched the Nex Gen Fertilizer Challenge. The initiative is a joint partnership and competition to advance agricultural sustainability in the United States. The competition includes two challenges that seek proposals for new and existing fertilizer technologies to maintain or improve crop yields while reducing the impacts of fertilizers on the environment.

The first challenge, the EEFs: Environmental and Agronomic Challenge, aims to identify existing enhanced efficiency fertilizers that meet or exceed certain environmental and agro-economic criteria. The second challenge, the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge, aims to generate new concepts for novel technologies that can help address environmental concerns while maintaining or increasing crop yields.

Along with EPA and USDA, the competition is coordinated with The Fertilizer Institute, the International Fertilizer Development Center, the National Corn Growers Association, and The Nature Conservancy. Registrants must submit their entries by October 30, 2020, for the EEFs Challenge and by November 30, 2020, for the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge.

NAFB News Service