Iowa Lawmakers Estimate Crop Losses in Request for Relief

Federal lawmakers from Iowa estimate potential derecho losses at 725 million bushels of corn, and nearly 153 million bushels of soybeans. The estimate was part of a letter sent to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently requesting a Secretarial Disaster Designation for 57 Iowa counties. The lawmakers say the severe storm swept through much of Iowa with sustained winds in excess of 100mph. Within the requested 57 counties, there are 8.2 million corn acres and 5.6 million soybean acres. Based on satellite imagery and preliminary storm reports, approximately 3.57 million acres of corn and 2.5 million acres of soybeans can be seen to be severely damaged, with millions more acres affected to varying degrees. Iowa producers have also suffered significant damage to homes, grain bins, barns, and other infrastructure critical to their farming operations and livelihoods. The lawmakers say, β€œIt is critical that you grant this Secretarial Disaster Designation that will make these producers eligible for resources that will help mitigate these significant losses.”

NAFB News Service