AoA Commentary

RFS 2.0

The passage of the Renewable Fuels Standard 15 years ago was probably the most significant event in the development of the biofuels industry in this country.  It was intended to help establish a domestic fuel […]


USDA Small Grains 2020 Summary

Small Grains 2020 Summary September 2020 All wheat production totaled 1.83 billion bushels in 2020, down 5 percent from the revised 2019 total of 1.93 billion bushels. Area harvested for grain totaled 36.7 million acres, […]


USDA Grains Stocks Reports Sept 30

Released September 30, 2020, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Corn Stocks Down 10 Percent from September 2019 Soybean Stocks Down 42 Percent All Wheat […]


US-UK Trade talks Progressing

The United States and the United Kingdom wrapped up the fourth round of trade talks this month, with another round planned for mid-October. The UK Department of International Trade says, “Significant progress has been achieved […]