Cross-Industry Collaboration Launches Million-Acre Grazing Initiative

The Walmart Foundation, Cargill and McDonald’s are investing more than $6 million in an initiative led by the World Wildlife Fund that aims to improve the grasslands of the Northern Great Plains. The new program, known as the Ranch Systems and Viability Planning, or RSVP network, will support ranchers across the ecoregion-focusing primarily on Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota. The Network will provide technical expertise, training and tools to help advance grazing practices that improve the health of the land. By improving management of one million acres over five years and avoiding conversion, the effort will increase carbon storage and sequestration, improved water infiltration, and better biodiversity outcomes. Kathleen McLaughlin of the Walmart Foundation says, “Collaborative efforts like this can accelerate innovative, sustainable solutions and support ranchers in the beef supply chain.” The World Wildlife Fund will work with ranchers on private and tribal lands to provide extension services in one-on-one and group workshops, offer ongoing technical expertise and provide cost-share and monitoring to help ranchers design, document and implement ranch plans.