Peterson Weighs in on Second CFAP Program from USDA

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson of Minnesota overall approves the second Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, but says more sectors need help. Peterson responded to the Department of Agriculture’s CFAP2 announcement stating, “There are some good things in this second CFAP plan,” but adds, “I still want to see help for the ethanol industry that has been hurt by the drop in fuel demand.” Peterson also wants the program to include textile mills that are helping to create COVID-19 medical supplies and more support for pork and poultry producers that had to depopulate due to plant closures and support for contract growers who have faced a loss of income. Of note, Peterson welcomed actions in the CFAP2, including simplifying the application process for specialty crop growers and making sure livestock producers, like turkey growers have what they need. Peterson also applauded expansion of the program to all classes of wheat, a request by industry groups.