USDA Supports U.S. Seafood Industry Impacted by Retaliatory Tariffs

The Department of Agriculture will provide approximately $530 million to support the U.S. seafood industry and fishermen impacted by retaliatory tariffs from foreign governments. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the support Wednesday. Perdue says, “Many nations have not played by the rules for a long time,” adding, “President Trump is the first President to stand up to them and send a clear message that the United States will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices.” The Seafood Trade Relief Program ensures fishermen and other U.S. producers, according to Perdue,  “will not stand alone in facing unjustified retaliatory tariffs while President Trump continues working to solidify better and stronger trade deals around the globe.” The funding will be provided through the Seafood Trade Relief Program and funded through the Commodity Credit Corporation. The Seafood Trade Relief Program funding will support roughly 20 fish and crab species, including flounder, salmon, and tuna. Fishermen can sign-up for relief through the program from September 14, 2020, to December 14, 2020.