ASA #SeeSoyHarvest Campaign Highlighting America’s Soybean Industry

The American Soybean Association’s #SeeSoyHarvest campaign is in full swing and taking Congressional members on a virtual trip to soybean-producing states across the country. In a news release, ASA says, “If farmers can’t come to the Hill, then the hill must go to the field.” The first two videos in the campaign talked about topics like the value of U.S. soy in creating American jobs, the importance of access to overseas markets for U.S. soy, and how a robust infrastructure keeps transportation costs competitive. The latest video, “Biodiesel for the Future,” talks about biodiesel’s benefits, which include creating a new market for soy oil, diversifying the domestic fuel supply, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Videos will continue to be released Tuesdays and Thursdays through October. Bill Gordon, ASA President, says being able to travel to Washington. D.C., and advocate for top soy issues is a big deal to soybean farmers. “We love that the #SeeSoyHarvest Campaign is a workaround during the pandemic to continue sharing priority issues with our legislators, remind them that we are a resource as they make critical agricultural policy decisions, and offer a passenger seat inside our world to see what soy harvest is like on the farm,” Gordon says. More information about the videos can be found on the ASA’s social media pages.