E15 Ethanol Blend Testing Begins in California

The corn industry is working with the California Air Resources Board to conduct E15 vehicle testing at the University of California at Riverside. The National Corn Growers Association says E15 in the California market is vital to growing ethanol demand. The testing will demonstrate the environmental benefits and compatibility of E15 in selected makes and models of vehicles. The process will help pave the way for sales of E15 and higher blends of ethanol in California. NCGA Ethanol Action Team members JR Roesner says if E15 becomes the base fuel in California, “the potential market opportunity would be roughly 750 million gallons of ethanol or 260 million bushels of corn.” Tests will be conducted on 20 late-model vehicles to measure tailpipe and evaporative emissions. Testing a broad sample of makes, models, and technology levels with both E10 and E15 blends will provide the state with the necessary information to permit the sale of E15 in California.