Report: Net Zero Trucks Ready in North America

A new report by the Environmental Defense Fund shows manufacturers are readying to meet demand for zero-emission trucks in North America. The report finds that that manufacturers, through their investments and product plans, recognize that the future of the commercial vehicle industry is zero-emissions. The study identifies that at least 125 zero-emission truck and bus models are in production, development or demonstration. Over the past five years, sales of zero-emission commercial vehicles have shot up by nearly a factor of ten. There are models for each of the distinct major segments of the heavy-duty vehicle market, including transit and school buses, delivery vans, box trucks and combination trucks. Every major truck and bus manufacturer is developing at least one all-electric vehicle model or is part of an industry collaboration to bring zero-emission vehicles to market. Jason Mathers of EDF says, “Leading manufacturers are ready to make these trucks and fleets are eager to drive them,” adding, “Now we need bold policy to accelerate the market.”