The U.K. Says Trade Talks with EU Are “Over”

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Talks on a Brexit trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union are over. Reuters says that’s the opinion of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who feels there is no point in carrying on any conversations unless the EU fundamentally changes its stance on several issues. Johnson’s spokesman says, “The trade talks are over. The EU has effectively ended them by saying that they do not want to change their negotiating position. The only way it will be worth continuing the talks is if the EU makes fundamental changes to its negotiating stance.” The EU had said its negotiators would travel to London for further talks this week as planned. Johnson’s spokesman says the Prime Minister feels there is no reason for the EU negotiator to make the trip unless “he’s prepared to discuss all of the issues based on legal texts in an accelerated way, without the UK being required to make all of the moves.” The UK is also asking the EU to be more willing to discuss some of the practical aspects of trade, such as “travel and haulage.”