Loss of Leadership

As Joe Biden makes plans to move into the White House, the current occupant has made it clear he isn’t ready to move out. Although the media has declared the election over, the legal challenges, including recounts, are not over.  Did voting irregularities take place?  I have no doubt they did.  After all, I’m from Illinois, a state with a history of such things.  I grew up hearing the saying “vote early, vote often” and people were only half kidding when they said it.  Were there enough illegal votes cast to change the outcome of the election?  It’s doubtful but still we should find out for sure.  We should also take every measure possible to keep it from happening again.  Regardless of who wins this election, we should all want and seek a fair and accurate election process.  It seems strange that we take the word of the media about who wins our elections.  Last time I checked the media was one of the least trusted groups in America.  We also seem to be in a great hurry to know the outcome.  Given the length and tone of campaigns, the desire to have them over is understandable.  However Inauguration Day isn’t until January.  Why do we have to know in early November who won if it is as close as this election is.  Why not take the time to make sure?  Meanwhile the election is far from over in Georgia.  That state’s two Senate seats will be decided in a runoff in January. How would you like to live in that state and be bombarded by political ads all over again.  The only ones looking forward to that runoff are lawyers and media outlets.  The stakes are high.  Control of the Senate is in the balance.  If Democrats win they will have control of all three branches of government even though Republicans unexpectedly flipped some House seats.  I’ve never thought our country is best served when one party has complete control.  Our government works best when there are checks and balances and both sides are forced to work together to get things done. Unfortunately in recent years, political partisanship has led to more gridlock than effective governance but some gridlock is better than one party control, regardless of which party it is.  Joe Biden claims he will bring unity to a divided country.  I wish him well but I doubt he can do it.  The system is against him.  Already he has people in his own party and the media anxious for revenge for wrongs, real or imagined, they feel have taken place the last four years. Fighting among Democrats will make it difficult for him to unify them let alone those who didn’t vote for him.  In Congress some key leaders will be gone including the last two chairmen of the House Ag Committee, Collin Peterson and Mike Conaway.  In the Senate, Ag Committee chairman Pat Roberts will be gone too.  While new blood and fresh ideas are always needed, experience is important too.  I’m glad we won’t be writing a new farm bill next year.  That process has become increasingly difficult even with experienced leaders.  However the election eventually turns out the problem will be the same.  Strong and effective political leaders are hard to find.  Leadership shouldn’t be measured by pushing a political party’s agenda.  It should be measured by bringing people together, including them in the process and delivering results that make our country stronger.  So far there are no signs that this election will accomplish that.