The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The 2020 election is finally over even if the vote counting is not.  As we wait for final results we can look back on a long campaign that featured the good, the bad and the ugly of modern politics.  No doubt the good was the large voter turnout.  For various reasons, voters were certainly engaged in this election with record numbers voting.  This was a complete change from the recent trend of voter apathy and low turnouts. It remains to be seen if this will continue in future elections but it may prove to be a rare positive from the political divisions in our country today.  Of course there was plenty of bad in this election as well.  Along with the negative rhetoric from both sides there was a staggering amount of money spent trying to get candidates elected.  If politicians spent as much money on the issues they say they will resolve as they do on their campaigns, we might actually get something accomplished. It is also hard to believe that in 2020 with all our modern technology, it is still so difficult to count votes.  I realize different states have different voting laws but counting votes should not be this hard or take this long.  The longer it takes the more the results will be questioned. Piles and boxes of uncounted votes taking days to be counted allow conspiracy theories to run rampant.   Another bad from this election is polling.  After what happened four years ago you would have thought we would have known better.  Any poll or survey system is as good as the accuracy of the input received.  Obviously many voters, especially in this election, did not want to reveal who they were voting for. It’s also obvious that some pollsters and many media outlets, try to use poll numbers to influence the outcome of the election.  Still, just like with the weatherman who is repeatedly wrong, many continue to believe the next forecast will be right,  The ugly of this election has been painfully evident for some time.  Yard signs stolen or vandalized and store windows boarded up.  An election should show America at its best and strongest not at it’s worst or weakest.  People should not have to be afraid of expressing their views on candidates and issues.  After all, that is what elections are all about.  We are certainly a politically divided nation and we may not agree with the outcome of an election but we should all agree on everyone’s right to participate in them without fear or intimidation.  We will always have our differences and elections tend to highlight them, but we need to find a way to make those differences our strength and not our weakness.