NPPC Launch Campaign to Highlight Environmental Sustainability


The National Pork Producers Council has introduced a multimedia campaign called “Farming Today for Tomorrow” to tell their side of the climate change issue. This campaign comes as Ag groups prompt what is being done for environmental sustainability in the ag space to the incoming Biden Administration.

Michael Formica with the National Pork Producers Council says the pork industry has been a pioneer of reducing their environmental footprint for years.  With efforts such as the use of renewable natural gas to power facilities, hog manure to fertilize the land and precise nutrient farming to ensure fertilizer is only used where it is needed.

Formica says emissions have drastically reduced over the past 50 years and the pork industry is now only responsible for .4% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.  “We’ve got much reduced water quality issues, we got complete control of our manure we keep adopting and developing new conservation methods, soil conservation purposes we are constantly reducing our air emission profile.”

You can learn more about how pork producers continue to reduce their footprint through the air, water and land on the NPPC website. Farming Today for Tomorrow – National Pork Producers Council (