Wake Up Call


Most of us have looked forward to putting 2020 behind us but the recent events in Washington D.C. remind us that just turning a page on the calendar doesn’t mean all our problems will just disappear. They should also remind us that this has been building up for some time.  What happened at our nation’s capitol was wrong and indefensible.  So too were the events last year when cities and businesses were burned and looted while political leaders stayed silent when they thought it would help them politically.

This was the latest in a series of wake-up calls for our country.  Sadly much of the reaction I have read and heard tells me many people still don’t get it.  Like so much of what happens these days, people continue to look at everything through a political lens.  I don’t see either political party being able to claim a moral high ground.  There’s enough blame to go around.

Until we stop looking at things based on Rs and Ds we will never move forward.  Those who encourage or condone violence are wrong regardless of party.  Media that only reports one side of a story contribute to the problem.  Unless we work together we will never solve our differences.  Politics won’t fix our problems.  They will only add to them. No one wins if everyone loses.  We all lost this week and have been losing for some time.  The big question is where do we go from here.  If we continue like this there will soon be nothing left to defend.