Ag Energy Coalition Releases 2021 Policy Recommendations


The Agriculture Energy Coalition recently announced its 2021 policy recommendations. Those priorities include providing the Department of Agriculture Rural Energy for American program at least $2.5 billion over ten years, including a financial infusion upfront and Increase to 90 percent REAP Loan Guarantee for any loan amount under $1 million. They also seek to extend clean energy tax credits, provide USDA with additional rural development funding and authorize and modernize the Biorefinery Assistance, Renewable Chemical and Biobased Product Manufacturing Program. The recommendations also include modernizing the Advanced Biofuel Payment Program, increase funding for the BioPreferred program, and make sustainable aviation fuels a priority for USDA. The coalition says USDA Should prioritize the role of biomass in forest management and wildfire risk reduction. Finally, the group asks USDA to consider using the Commodity Credit Corporation to support low carbon renewable energy innovation. The Agriculture Energy Coalition represents a diverse set of interests in agriculture and renewable energy, such as farmers, advanced biofuel and bio-based manufacturers, clean-tech, rural lenders, and environmental NGOs.