There is a lot of discussion and debate these days about diversity.  It is certainly an important topic.  Diversity means different things to different people which unfortunately has led, in many cases, to more division than unity in our country. I’ve always felt our diversity should be our strength, not our weakness.  This includes food and energy.  In both cases we are better served by more diversity not less.  The old saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” comes to mind.  Today we tend to argue about how the eggs were raised or if there should even be any eggs in the basket.  Instead we should be thankful that there are eggs in the basket, from different production methods, to consume IF WE SO CHOOSE. Instead of arguing about the methods used to raise animals that provide meat in our meat cases or arguing if there should be any meat there at all, we should be thankful that there is meat in the case to consume IF WE SO CHOOSE.  I’m a big meat eater or perhaps I should say a traditional meat eater.  That said I understand there are people who choose not to eat meat or choose to eat plant based products.  I may question their belief but not there right to have it.  I don’t agree with those who say I am wrong and want to eliminate my choice.  There is plenty of room in the market for both beliefs.  I have friends who strongly believe in eating organic foods.  They are even willing to pay more for those foods.  Again I don’t agree with their choice but acknowledge it is THEIR choice.  Just don’t try to take away my choice. Also if you have a good product let it stand or fall on its own merits.  Don’t rely on another product’s identity.  If you have an alternative to a product already on the market then don’t use their name.  Don’t try to profit off being different while at the same time trying to cash in on a familiar name.  You shouldn’t have it both ways. That’s why the dairy and beef industries are working hard to protect their product names. We are now having a national debate over energy sources.  Some want to go all renewable such as electric, wind and solar.  Some in the so called “green” movement want to eliminate fossil fuels altogether.  Just as a total alliance on fossil fuels makes us vulnerable so would total reliance on alternative energy sources.  I’m a strong supporter of biofuels.  No one in that industry wants to eliminate fossil fuels rather they want to enhance them by providing a more environmentally friendly component.  It should have been a win/win but the oil industry resisted and viewed biofuels as a competitor rather than an ally.   Now the oil industry faces a real threat in electric vehicles.  Frozen wind turbines in Texas doesn’t mean we should eliminate wind energy.  Instead it should lead to improvements and precautions that will allow wind to help provide for our ever growing demand for energy.  Sadly there are many who refuse to see the benefits of the production of food or energy in ways they don’t agree with.  That “my way or no way” approach will not solve our environmental challenges.  Instead I fear the cure will be worse than the illness.