Ear Tags for the Future

The cattle industry seems to become more and more connected to technology in an attempt to make ranching more efficient. One aspect I’ve learned about recently is an industrially advanced ear tag. The industry has been pulled in a few directions regarding the traceability of an animal. Consumers are demanding they know where their food comes from and how it got there. The solution? RFID tags. The tags I have learned about recently are taking FRID tags to a new level.

701X, a new company based out of Fargo, ND and has come up with an ear tag that provides key solutions to producers. These tags are inserted like a normal cattle tag but it provides GPS location tracking of the animal, health monitoring, calving stress, estrus/heat behaviors along with an accurate record-keeping and traceability platform. With these solar powered tags, they are expected to last from the day the calf was born all the way to the kill plant.

Max Cossette who deals with product development at 701x says these tags are really geared toward outdoor beef cattle “these are tags are capable of GPA, it tracks your cow and lets you know on your phone where they are.” He says this is beneficial for producers if they are concerned about their herd getting out or even being stolen.

The software that is soon to be released gives producers the option to setup geofences for cattle. Once they move outside of that geofence, an alert is send to your smart phone.

Another capability is it monitors individual cow’s behaviors. If there is a slight deviation in behavior an alert is sent to their phone as well. This comes in handy around expected calving dates, AI estrus/heat cycles and sickness.

Cossette says they are in their early stages of the cattle tag technology release and expects to have prices, programs and more by the year 2022.

To find out more about the technology visit 701x.com.