NCBA Sets 2021 Policy Priorities and Selects John Bohn as New President


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association set its top 2021 policy priorities that feature a focus on advocating for a business climate that increases opportunities for producer profitability. “There’s no doubt last year was a difficult one for cattle producers and we must work to implement sound policy and focus our attention on the legislative and regulatory areas that’ll give U.S. cattle producers the most added value,” says new NCBA President Jerry Bohn. “I am looking forward to working together with volunteer leadership, state affiliates, and stakeholders around the country to tackle the most pressing issues facing our industry.”

Policy priorities include price discovery and transparency in cattle markets, which are a concern for NCBA members, making it an organizational priority. The organization will continue to ensure that all alternative plant-based or cell-grown protein products are labeled truthfully, and their ingredients are fully represented. NCBA is committed to protecting those in the cattle industry while strengthening the beef supply chain to meet the growing demand for American beef.

Removing non-tariff barriers to increase worldwide markets for U.S. beef is another top priority for the NCBA. The organization will also emphasize to government officials that the U.S. cattle industry is the global model for sustainable beef production.

Kansas Cattleman Jerry Bohn Elected New NCBA President

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association wrapped up its virtual Winter Business Meeting by electing Kansas cattle producer Jerry Bohn as its new president. Bohn is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. His early days included custom grazing cattle with his family in Flint Hills, Kansas, before moving on to Kansas State University.

Bohn also served 34 years as the manager of a commercial cattle feeding operation called Pratt Feeders. “As I look forward to this year as NCBA President, I have immense pride in the cattle industry and our dues-paying members that help to make this the leading cattle organization representing U.S. producers,” Bohn says. “Becoming president is my greatest honor and an opportunity to give back to the industry that made me who I am today.”

Don Schiefelbein (SHEEF-ehl-byne) of Minnesota was named president-elect, and Todd Wilkinson of South Dakota was elected vice president. “The grassroots power of our members and state affiliates is the reason I’m proud to represent the NCBA as President and is the reason I get up every day, ready to fight for the American producer,” Bohn adds.