POET Applauds Iowa Governor’s Drive to E15 by 2025


Sioux Falls (February 8, 2021) – POET applauded Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who today announced proposed legislation to speed the statewide adoption of higher biofuel blends and make E15 the standard fuel option by 2025.

“Iowa has always been a major champion for biofuels, and we applaud Governor Reynolds for taking that forward-thinking leadership to the next level with E15,” said POET Founder and CEO Jeff Broin. “Passing legislation for an E15 standard could lay the foundation for the entire nation.”

“E15 in Iowa would add nearly 30 million bushels of grain demand each year, grow thousands of jobs across the state and inject millions into Iowa’s economy,” Broin continued. “It would boost farm incomes across the Midwest, grow dependable domestic markets, and be a critical step in securing America’s energy independence.”

“Make no mistake—we need to return to our roots and once again get our energy from the surface of the Earth, and America’s farmers will play a pivotal role in the climate solution,” added Broin. “Federal and state leaders looking to take action on climate and clean air should start with plant-based biofuels like bioethanol, which is 46% cleaner than gasoline from farm to freeway and displaces toxic chemicals in gasoline linked to cancer and other serious health problems.”