United Fresh Launches 2021 Produce Industry Compensation Survey


The United Fresh Produce Association Monday launched its 2021 Compensation Survey for the fresh produce industry. The data collected will be published in a report that will assist produce industry employers in understanding critical compensation benchmarks. For 2021, additions to the survey include two new positions focused on sustainability, and a series of questions related to how companies have changed their salary and benefit practices in the wake of COVID-19.

The survey also will collect compensation and benefits data from produce companies for more than 30 full-time positions. The survey is open to any U.S. or Canadian-based produce employer, including grower-shippers, brokers, wholesaler-distributors, importers, exporters, and fresh-cut processors. The survey is administered every two years, and the results will be published this June in a detailed report designed to help produce companies directly compare their salaries and benefits for more than thirty full-time positions.

The survey is open at www.unitedfreshsurvey.com to any U.S. or Canadian-based produce company until March 12.