Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Recovered from Missouri River


Federal, state, and local response agencies worked together last weekend to recover an anhydrous ammonia tank floating in the Missouri River. Recovered near Jefferson City, Missouri, the 1,500-gallon tank, including its wheeled chassis, was seen floating downstream last Friday. Given the tank contained anhydrous ammonia, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources requested Environmental Protection Agency’s support with recovery and disposal. The river was at flood stage Friday, and the EPA secured and recovered the tank Saturday. The tank was found intact and not leaking. A Missouri DNR representative says, “Without the collaboration from all teams, removing the tank from the Missouri River would not have been as successful.” Missouri Farmers Association, known as MFA, agreed to store the tank at its location in Jefferson City. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and MFA agreed to work together to find the tank owner. MFA will keep possession of the tank if no owner can be found.