E15 Retail Market Hits 20 Billion Miles Driven


After a rough 2020 for farmers and biofuel producers, Growth Energy is reporting good news about the growing demand for E15. Emily Skor is the CEO of Growth Energy, and she says the biofuel sector is hitting the ground running in 2021.

“The retail market has hit a major new milestone: 20 billion miles driven on E15. And this is a testament to the continued success of E15 at the pump. This past year, even as the nation grappled with a pandemic and drivers stayed home and stayed parked under stay-at-home orders in most states throughout the nation, the number of retail sites offering E15 actually grew by 10 percent, bringing the fuel to more than 2,300 stations across 30 states. And major retailers like Casey’s, Thorntons, Kwik Trip, and Family Express have all embraced the opportunity to offer an increasingly popular option that lends a competitive edge to any location. Most importantly, American drivers are showing they will keep coming back for a fuel that not only holds down costs but also protects our air and our climate.”

Skor says recent shifts in the retail environment are benefitting E15 sales.

“In addition to retailers, major distributors are getting into the game too. We have nearly 220 terminals and a large number of major suppliers offering pre-blended E15 so that smaller and mid-sized operators no longer have to blend on-site, this reduces the barrier to entry for them. Most recently, one major distributor, Magellan, announced E15 would be offered as a house recipe, which means lower costs and higher returns for our retail partners. It’s great news.”

Opening new markets up to E15 is always at the heart of Growth Energy’s mission.

“To match the growing demand, we are expanding as well. We’re welcoming new regional directors to help grow E15’s footprint, educate new retailers, and assist with the adoption of the low-cost, low-carbon fuel choice. Thanks to this kind of support, our retailer partners sell between 2.2 and 2.5 million fuel gallons per year, over 200 percent more than the average retailer. We’re also working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to lift onerous labeling requirements on E15 and limits on the use of existing infrastructure to higher blends. We want to ensure that retailers have the freedom they need and the flexibility to fully unleash the power of year-round E15. I urge you to sign up and make your voice heard on E15 labeling by going to www.growthenergy.org/act. And best of all, the transition to nationwide sales promises to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 17.62 million tons per year. That’s the equivalent of removing about 3.85 million vehicles from the road. All of that, just by moving our national fuel from an E10 to an E15 blend.”

Skor says there are major market-moving developments on the horizon, especially when it comes to infrastructure.

“We’ve already helped secure over 32 million dollars in grants for updated retail infrastructure at nearly 300 retail sites under the USDA’s Higher Blend Infrastructure Incentive Program. At the same time, retailers like Casey’s General Store are raising the bar for the competition by making Unleaded 88, which is E15, the new standard option at more and more locations. A simple switch that promises to set a new trend across major markets. Thanks to these and other developments, 2021 is shaping up to be a game-changer for America’s biofuel sector. The demand curve continues to trend upwards, with motorists logging more miles on E15 faster than ever. So, while we’re celebrating 20 billion miles on E15 today, it’s a milestone we look forward to putting in the rear-view mirror at a record pace.”