Farm Groups Welcome Senate Confirmation of EPA Administrator


Farm groups welcome the confirmation of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan, hoping for more transparency than in previous administrations. Specifically, biofuels groups are seeking more support for the Renewable Fuel Standard. The Senate confirmed Regan to the post Wednesday. During his confirmation hearing, Regan emphasized that the “RFS is definitely a priority for this administration.”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor congratulated Regan, while saying, “Administrator Regan has been on the record supporting biofuels as critical to help meet an ambitious climate agenda.” Crop Life American President and CEO says Regan’s commitment to reaching out and working with agriculture, “will be critical in developing solutions to address climate and to enhance the credibility and transparency” at the EPA. House Agriculture Chair David Scott joined the crowd congratulating Regan. Scott says he’ll work with the new EPA administrator to “ensure EPA’s pesticide registration programs remain trusted and science-based,” along with the role of the RFS to mitigate climate change.