Farmers Satisfaction with Inputs Has Room for Improvement


A recent report from Biome Makers finds 84 percent of farmers have not found an input product yet that they find completely satisfying. The report, 2021 Trends and Challenges in Agriculture, is based on a survey conducted at the beginning of the year among nearly 100 farmers and agronomists worldwide. The report found ag-input satisfaction rates have ample room for improvement, and the costs of ag-inputs weigh heavily on farmers, as 39 percent selected ag-inputs as one of their top two major operation costs.

According to the study, sustainable practices are increasingly being embraced and implemented by farmers. Cover crops, in particular, are one of the top sustainable management practices that 45 percent of farmers expressed a willingness to adopt. Climate change continues to be a considerable challenge this season, causing a variety of issues for 68 percent of farmers. However, only about a third of them have reported any involvement in carbon farming initiatives.