Iowa State Releases Custom Rates Costs Survey

Iowa State recently announced results of the 2021 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Survey. The survey covers the amounts charged and paid for common crop and livestock services in the state. Tillage, planting, harvesting, manure hauling and livestock transportation are all included.

Compared to last year, most custom rates saw a decline except for the cost of farm labor. The cost of combining corn ranged from $22 to $45 per acre, with an average of $35.10 per acre. The cost of combining soybeans ranged from $22 to $46 per acre, with an average of $34.20. The cost to mow hay ranged from $8 to $15 per acre. The average cost for baling small square bales was $.59 per bale, $9.35 for large square bales, $10.80 for large round bales without wrapping, and $13.20 for large round bales wrapped. Meanwhile, 14 percent of the respondents perform custom work, 16 percent hire work done, and 45 percent indicated they do both.