ITC Placing Duties on Phosphate Fertilizer Imports


The U.S. International Trade Commission says phosphate fertilizer imports from Morocco and Russia have affected the U.S. fertilizer market. The ITC also says it will place a countervailing duty on the imports from those countries. U.S. commodity groups have warned that new duties on imported phosphate fertilizers would raise prices by more than $80 a ton.

A DTN report says the ITC voted 4-1 in favor of the countervailing duties. The ruling comes a month after the Department of Commerce recommended the tariffs get placed on phosphorous fertilizer imports. Mosaic filed petitions last year to request the start of a countervailing duty investigation. The company said foreign subsidies on imports are unfair and that these duties would restore competitiveness in the U.S. market. “Today’s decision upholds our belief that fair trade is the bedrock of a healthy U.S. economy and that American farmers will benefit from having a more competitive American fertilizer industry,” says Mosaic in a news release. Moroccan importer OCP says in a news release that it disagreed with the ruling and will cooperate with U.S. authorities.