Kansas City Goes Year-Round on E15


The Environmental Protection Agency approved removing the low Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) gasoline requirements in Kansas City. That allows the KC metro area to sell E15 year-round. Both the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources worked with the EPA to remove those requirements. “The continuing work by state agencies to reduce ozone and improve the air quality for the Kansas City region is what made this move possible,” says Acting EPA Region Seven Administrator Ed Chu.

Growth Energy says the announcement is a big step for Kansas City and a continuation of their hard work to improve their air quality and address environmental issues. “Allowing the year-round sale of E15 will help strengthen these clean energy efforts and give Kansas City area residents more access to cleaner and more affordable fuel options,” says Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. A recent report says switching from E10 to E 15 across the country would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 20 million tons per year. “Ethanol’s benefits are tangible and will help Kansas City protect human health and help decarbonize the country’s transportation system,” she adds.