Sheep Genetics USA Looks to Guide Research


The sheep industry seeks genetic research and implementation through Sheep Genetics USA. Unveiled at the 2021 American Sheep Industry Convection, the program is a bridge that will provide a pathway for the American sheep industry to the innovations of the future.

Producers of the National Sheep Improvement Program this week say, “For several years, there’s been interest in creating a structure that could represent all of the breeds of sheep.” The driving force behind these changes will be the producer members of Sheep Genetics USA, a group that will include representation from all aspects of the industry. Seedstock producers, commercial producers, lamb feeders, researchers and consumers will be represented within the group. Much of the early work of Sheep Genetics USA has been based on the Beef Improvement Federation. Organizers have consulted with that group on the pitfalls faced in forming an organization geared toward genetic improvement in livestock.  To learn more, visit