Soy Checkoff Research Shows Strong Trust in U.S. Farmers


The United Soybean Board released the results of a consumer survey that sheds light on the needs and perceptions of people nationwide about their food supply. The dependability of farmers who nourish the world hasn’t gone unnoticed. U.S. farmers rank as the most trusted members of the supply chain when it comes to ensuring its safety, taking the top spot in 78 percent of consumer responses. “We knew it was vital to understand the values of the very people who purchase the products our farmers grow,” says Mace Thornton, USB vice president of communications and marketing strategy.

Some of the key findings include 79 percent of consumers having either a very or somewhat positive view of U.S. farmers who grow crops, including soybeans. Consumers are united in their support for domestic agriculture, with 70 percent saying it’s somewhat or very important to buy food made with U.S.-grown crops. Sixty percent of the respondents see soybeans as healthy, while 26 percent are neutral on the idea. Less than half are aware that the soybeans used to make their favorite products are sustainably grown.