Soybean Growers Approve 2021 Resolutions

American Soybean Association members completed the organization’s annual resolutions process to set the tone and direction for policy advocating in the months ahead. The organization aims each year to build on sound existing resolutions by adapting where needed and supplementing with new resolutions to address emerging priorities. A couple of priorities that the ASA will be focusing on more often in 2021 is climate and conservation.

Kevin Scott is the President of the ASA and a soybean farmer from South Dakota. “Throughout this year’s document, we recognize the role that climate and conservation will play in policy discussions in 2021; from thoughtfully addressing development of public and private ecosystem services markets to promoting precision agriculture technology as a tool to improve environmental stewardship while providing economic returns to growers,” Scott says. The many resolutions they approved include Trade Promotion Authority reauthorization, a sufficiently funded Commodity Credit Corporation account to ensure timely benefits for farmers, and a strong farm safety net and crop insurance program, including expanding support for double-crop soybean coverage. They also want to see the development of voluntary carbon markets that incentivize agricultural conservation and significant increases in rural infrastructure funding.