Spending Spree

With the passage of a $1.9 TRILLION stimulus package, our federal government has kicked the national debt can further down the road.  We now need to update former Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen’s often repeated line of “a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money” to trillions not billions!  Not surprisingly this bill has lots of support.  That’s to be expected when people are getting checks in the mail.  Like most government programs this package has some good and some bad in it.  How much of either one of course depends on your point of view. This package seems to have something for almost everyone.  Something it doesn’t have in it though is unity.  Despite pledges by the Biden Administration for unity, this bill passed on party lines unlike previous COVID aid packages.  Agriculture and rural America will get some needed assistance for things like broadband and rural health care.  There’s also a lot in this package that’s not COVID related and should be a real concern.  States that have mismanaged their financial houses get bailed out.  I live in such a state and I don’t feel like taxpayers in other parts of the country should bail us out for something they didn’t cause.  For years I’ve heard complaints about non farmers, like athletes and celebrities, owning farm land and getting government checks. Where is the outcry over convicted felons getting checks from this stimulus package? I’ve always taken the position that there will always be those in any government program that will unfairly benefit but as long as the majority of the funding actually goes to those who most need it then the good outweighs the bad.  I hope that is the case with this bill but it sure seems lawmakers could have done a better job of targeting it to address the most pressing needs.  At some point interest rates will rise and taxes will have to go up and our national debt will not be so easily dismissed. A check in the mail, no matter how needed and helpful at the time, almost assuredly will have to be repaid in some form later.  Our political leaders once again have taken the path of least resistance and kicked the national debt can down the road and the can just keeps getting bigger!