U.S. Biofuels Industry Supportive of Proposed Canada Clean Fuel Regulations


U.S. biofuels and grains organizations welcome Canada’s proposed Clean Fuel Regulations. Growth Energy, the U.S. Grains Council and the Renewable Fuels Association submitted joint comments to Environment and Climate Change Canada last week on the proposal.

The groups say, “The proposed regulation takes a market-based approach to driving carbon reductions in the Canadian fuels market, providing an attractive model for other countries to follow.” The groups add Canada should be applauded for showing global leadership on the implementation of a clean fuel standard. In their comments, the organizations noted the importance of allowing renewable fuel producers to account for carbon capture and sequestration in their carbon intensity scores, regardless of whether the fuel is produced in Canada or the United States. This regulation, the groups say, coupled with the recent announcement in the United Kingdom that it is moving from E5 to E10 by September, shows that more countries are committed to expanding the role of biofuels in meeting their Paris Agreement commitments and long-term environmental goals.