Ag Coalition Calls Infrastructure Proposal a Good Start


The Rebuild Rural Coalition calls President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure plan a good starting point for discussions with Congress. The group of more than 260 organizations representing rural communities and agriculture says in a statement, “We strongly encourage a bipartisan approach that considers the unique needs of rural infrastructure – and sets aside specific funding for rural communities.”

In a January letter, the coalition outlined the needs of rural America, while highlighting U.S. agriculture’s ability to produce and efficiently transport products across the globe, adding, “Our deteriorating infrastructure threatens that leadership position.” Beyond transportation, the coalition says other needs of rural America include locks and dams, railroads, electrical and water systems, agriculture research, broadband and healthcare and housing.

The coalition says, “We hope Congress will work together to find bipartisan solutions that benefit all of America, including our rural communities.” The coalition is comprised of national agriculture and rural business groups and state Farm Bureau’s, commodity organizations, among others.