Animal Welfare and Environmental Groups Want GE Animal Regulations to Stay at FDA


This week, thirteen animal welfare and environmental groups urged federal agencies to maintain regulatory authority over genetically engineered food animals within the Food and Drug Administration. The request is in response to the Trump-era proposal to move the regulatory authority to the Department of Agriculture. Specifically, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service would oversee regulatory authority over genetically engineered animals.

In letters to the FDA and USDA, the groups claim, “FDA possesses the scientific and administrative capacities to regulate these animals better than USDA.” The groups contend, “Genetically engineered animals are a significant new threat to our food system.” Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth says, “Handing authority over to the USDA will dilute the already-weak GMO animal regulations.” The thirteen groups signing the letters to the Biden administration include the Center for Food Safety, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth and the National Family Farm Coalition, among others.