DMI Announces Earth Day Strategy


Dairy farmers’ longstanding commitment to the environment and their stories of stewardship are taking center stage for Earth Day communications strategies. Following Earth Day on April 22 and continuing into May, Dairy Management Inc. will showcase tangible examples of real environmental progress being made on farms and throughout the dairy supply chain. DMI will use its channels, including and its social media properties, to publish sustainability-related content, such as videos, articles and infographics highlighting farmer stories.

Other strategies include cultural influencers publishing dairy sustainability content via their social channels and the recent release of a video from media partner Vox examining what happens to nutrition and the environment if the U.S. dairy cow herd was removed. Finally, the checkoff has led efforts to build awareness with audiences about dairy’s vital role in sustainable, equitable and secure food systems over the past six months, sparked by the announcement of the 2050 Environmental Stewardship Goals and Net Zero Initiative.