Fuel Prices Remain Unusually Stable


In an unusual feat for spring, the national average price of gasoline and diesel is unchanged from a week ago. The national average price of gas stands at $2.85 per gallon, 2.2 cents lower than a month ago, and $1.07 higher than a year ago. The national average price of diesel is also unchanged from a week ago and stands at $3.07 per gallon. Meanwhile, nationally, gasoline demand fell 0.57 percent.

Gas Buddy’s Patrick De Haan says, “Gasoline demand has given up ground for the second straight week, likely due to some areas seeing a rise in coronavirus cases, and as spring break plans conclude.” De Haan notes that the next trend in gas prices isn’t evident just yet, and we may see additional slight sideways moves in the weeks ahead, until either demand starts to increase notably again, or we see the opposite. Crude oil prices perked up last week on solid improvements in jobless claims, retail sales and consumer sentiment.