Growth Energy Calls on EPA to Fix E15 Labeling


Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency this week regarding E15 labeling and infrastructure. Growth Energy supports modification of the E15 label requirement to “increase clarity and ensure it adequately advises consumers of appropriate uses of the fuel.” In addition, Growth Energy and NCGA support EPA’s proposal to modify the underground storage tank compatibility requirements for E15 and other fuel blends.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor states, “As our nation faces the challenges of climate change, it’s imperative that EPA act immediately to support greater access to cleaner renewable fuel blends.” NCGA President John Linder wrote in the organization’s comments, “Finalizing this proposal will remove additional barriers to retailers offering E15 and provide an immediate fuel decarbonization opportunity.” NCGA’s comments urged EPA to adopt proposed updates to the E15 label and make further revisions to the label statement to keep it fact-based and avoid speculation and confusion.