As the Biden administration tries to sell its so called infrastructure plan to those who are skeptical of its scope and its cost they are also trying to redefine its name.  In fact they are not only trying to redefine the term “infrastructure” to include a wide range of projects but also attempting to redefine the term “bipartisan”.  Both terms seem more and more to be in the eye of the beholder.  As we have already seen, when one party controls the White House, Senate and House they don’t need much bipartisan support to push through the programs they want.  Calls for bipartisan support ring a bit more hollow when they come from those who don’t really need them to get what they want.  Meanwhile there are several items in this infrastructure package that don’t come close to what many people would consider “infrastructure”.  Thus the attempt to change the definition to fit the plan.  No doubt the proposal includes funding for many important projects that do fit the traditional definition of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and broadband.  The strategy seems to be to include enough projects that appeal to enough people that they will overlook the parts of the plan they don’t like.  History tells us it has worked before.  Time will tell if it works this time.  Meanwhile here’s my proposal for a real bipartisan infrastructure plan.  Let’s build political roads and bridges that reach across the political aisle and stop playing games.  Both sides say they support infrastructure improvement.  They should focus on the areas they agree on and for a change get something constructive done.  Don’t try to push a social agenda by calling it infrastructure.  Don’t oppose something just because it’s from the opposing party.  Don’t try to say it will be paid for by the rich when it will cost all of us.  I once heard someone say the definition of politics is “poly” which stands for many and “ticks” which means ugly, blood sucking creatures! For those in power, on both sides of the political aisle, who want to change definitions, that would be a good place to start!