March Farm Tractor Sales Show Broad Growth, Close Positive First Quarter


U.S. farm tractor unit sales extended their growth streak to eleven straight months. Canada also extended its own streak with a strong month of March, according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. U.S. total farm tractor sales rose 84.1 percent in March compared to 2020. Meanwhile, U.S. combine sales grew 6.7 percent. For Canada, March monthly tractor and combine sales were positive across all segments. Total farm tractor sales were up 84.3 percent for March 2021. Combine sales in Canada were reported flat at 95 units sold. Curt Blades AEM, Senior Vice President of Ag Services, says, “It’s not just the length of time of this growth streak, but the size of growth that makes me feel optimistic this will continue past the 12-month mark.” A recent survey by AEM found increased customer demand has manufacturers optimistic sales will increase or remain stable, despite COVID-19 and workforce challenges in 2021.